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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Greatness at 35 Years Young and Youthful!

When you look upon my sexy lingerie clad body

what do you really see?

What do you think i do before shots like these

when i am here to please?

Who do you feel i look after more than anyone

where there is such fun?

Why do you judge me as i stand in my power

who are you to cower?

How do you  know i am anything but authentic

when  on me, you pick?

Who do you really believe that you will ever be

as long as you don't see me!

Katherine Marion


"Who, Why, What, Where, How and sometimes Why" is what i wanted to work with.

Hope i answered a few questions, before midnight, upon this new witching hour - to some, 'bitching hour,' upon this new, fresh first day of February.

This pic was taken by Bryan Ward of in Vancouver, B.C. He is truly the Breast!

A mere 35 young and soon to be impregnated .. none to my knowing. Nothing to do with the photo shoot. Simply the healthy sperm i was storing and universal timing, no longer ignoring ..

Promo shots for my new biz card - was my major intention, duding this wonderful shoot, where we shot outdoors, up the street, towards a construction site, near my fancy pad on BeachAvenue.

Unfortunately, this lovely photo was slightly blurred .. by my well intentioned  web master, due to his fear that my image would be stolen. Now, on the web, we share almost everything - 16 years and one almost 15 year young child, later!!!!

Clearly, Dearly and Really - your Canadian Goddess-sent,


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