Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beating To The Tune Of My Own Heart

My homeschooling teen son, and his "Amazing Mommy" attended our first drum class, last enchanted eve. Every Tuesday night, we shall be attending  Navaro Franko's drumming classes, in Little Italy, here in snowbound Vancouver, B.C. One very talented and extremely beautiful drummer gal with graciousness and gusto, shall be guiding many Goddess' to find their own wondrous way ...

We arrived, well over an hour late, after our friend, Jeannie, got lost on the way from magical Marpole, to our destination. Already on our way to to pick up fresh Kangen water, we decided to stop for a couple of orders of raw, vegan sushi, a Masala burger wrapped inside the most rawsome yam bread. As well as accepting the tastiest birthday treat of a no Egg Nog Cake, made with exotic spices, no dairy, soaked almonds and LOVE.

We borrowed three sets of drums and attempted to learn 4 drumming sequences. Math, not being my major .. I had to un-think myself, shake my head free, and really just get into my vacated body. Losing myself to find some sort of sacred rhythm of my own, Gratefully allowing my happy heart to find a healthy and healing home. A circle of close to a dozen Warrior Woman, with a few token male energies thrown in for good measure. What an evening to begin a new foray into feeling my rawstruck return to  vibrant and vivacious health of the highest kind.

Before lovely Navoro's workshop, i had awakened after a nightmare of having my son - taken away from me,  again. Awakening to buried feelings of dread. Remembering that obsessive Reverend, who has been harassing me on my channel. Still a bit shaken, after one more pill numbed neighbor; Kimberly's latest anonymous calls to The Ministry of Children and Families, speaking atrocities of me and mine. And, thinking for the craziest moment, that someone was outside of my place, waiting for me. As Jeannie, had earlier said, " Triggered by a little Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Katherine." Yes, my own private  World War 3!

Settling the ashes of burnt-out adrenals and a far from charmed, and fairly charred endocrine system ... was a cinch. Once we finally arrived, at the lovely and spacious space, about the muffin place, where the yummies aroma's wafted up, we easily hunkered down. Listening to a fascinating musical theory lesson as taught by a single mommy, with her own grown-up 21 year old daughter. I stood alongside another woman and her Asian foster son. All of us, hearing what we wanted to hear and following the heartbeat that brought us together, on this first snow-fall of a new blessed year!

Katherine Marion


After walking home in our winter wonderland, my teen snow-bunny threw our 4 ft tall Bonsai out of the living room window. Already dried up and passed away it was time for a snowy burial. Now, King Kaelin, finally sleeps and I am sucking back a bunch of beautiful Japanese oranges. Madonna sings on the radio station that my son so wisely chose, before he fell asleep on the futon at my feet. In front of the ceramic heater that heats our 1000 sq ft rental and helps keep our loving hearts, even warmer.'

See you at Navaro's next class ....


As soon as we pay for our laptop repair, we will gladly and grateful be uploading the pics from last nite. Looking forward!

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