Thursday, January 13, 2011

How To Save The World ...

Birds that once did freely fly

now dropping in mid-flight

from the dirty skies, to die

They say: " deadly solar flare"

hiding the sad truth, while

shooting their shit into our air

Fish once did so to  swim

now float atop the dead sea

eyes bulging; no life within

They say "global warming"

  more heated  temperatures

politician's are so charming

Bumble bees once did buzz

now pollinate no more

flowers or food, all cause

They say,"intestinal disorder"

as if the danger is within

our lives are getting shorter

People that were once free

now barely even smile

given cancer, mercilessly

They say, "take this drug"

 6 months left to live

as if it is some bad bug

A life that once was a gift

now starved by fears

nobody getting the drift

They say,"economy collapse"

feeding fat pompous faces

'unwelcome guests', perhaps?

Police once paid to keep patrol

now drink and beat their wives

enforcers losing self- control

They say, "more stress leave"

believing in power outside

deadliest way to deceive

Judges that once did so rule

now fall from grace as easily

as courts honor many a fool

They say," fight for rights"

paying for legal papers

one of the systems delights

Priests were once respected

now their open clergy

lost their faith; neglected

They say," In God, we trust"

not admitting to their sins

avarice, desires or lust

Children once played outside

now buried in their laptop

from their power; they hide

They say," the world's ending"

well look at the message

we are selfishly sending ...!

Katherine Marion


Where did it start? How does it end? When is the world going to blow? Who cares!

Clean up your act, now.

Act on your own self-governing accord and be the magical mirror you wish to see.

Offering external power, accordingly ...

Do not offer unto he who is not worth his weight in gold.

Or, self- fulfilling prophesies shall come true, as ever and always written and told.


Imagine ... when no body has to take care, bow down or cater to anyone. We all treat ourselves and others respectfully.  What a wonderful world, this shall so beautifully and bravely ... Be!

Feminine Powers Intact,



This pic of this was captured of me, by, a mere and magical 2 years, ago.

Hope you enjoy.

i am


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