Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dancing Naked In The Rain with Comedian Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central

Holy Goddess Bless Daniel Tosh; from Comedy Central tv show

jJumping on a merry go round; having the bared balls to know

That bare-naked Women are merely something he may lampoon

Cause he is turning in to a real man, none too terribly,sacred soon

Comedian's such as his ilk do not know how to stroke purest silk

Merely crying over more of their own spilled and spoiled milk

No wonder my beautiful breasts are not exposed for all to see

Could be that one more funny puppy might grab onto a sweet titty

"Any publicity is good publicity" is a truth i can agree fully with

Simply one more young madman's Womanly winning ' hot dish'

Show-casing my video that over 1/2 a million have already viewed

Simply not worth Comedy Channel or a ballsy comic being sued

All i can say is how do i know that this spoofer really is even that

Blurring out his privates and yelling at wee children - such crap

Going starkers all because of what he did not see me even do

Inspires a repressed entertainer to visually express his diddly-do

Glad i am lady-like enough to cover up my petty pubic cash

Wisely not exposing my breasts, far from ungentlemanly crass

Honouring Mother Nature as she rains her parade over me

"Dancing naked in the rain" - with glorious  Goddess-sent glee

My all be inspired by what I have so kindly offered and shared

One famous  jokester has went public and his cajones; he has bared

What more in this modern world could a real Woman ever expect

At least she keeps her 'larger than life' balls, tucked way, to protect!

Katherine Marion


Last night, my niece in Prince George, B.C., called her Mom, to tell her that "Auntie Kathy is on channel 34. Turn on the t.v.!"

Since then, i have younger males, from all over the globe, bombarding me ... asking to "Dance Naked In The Rain." Not too mention;  practically begging magical MotherlyMe, to tell them the size of my breasts ... "over and over, again."

Glad to create more of a controversy.

Not as Mother Earth may have first intended. Yet, well worth the imrov dance and lyrics created on my very own wet spot. to be sure.

Obviously, a naked Woman, dancing naked in the rain, still holds some heart- sweeping allure!


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  2. A naked woman dancing in the rain does hold some heart-sweeping allure; but no allure as great as yours, wherever you choose to dance.

    The poetic imagery you paint is cosmically clear...
    ...and the dreams your poems inspire are crystal.

  3. Bless you, sweet Santa!

    Sadly, Tosh O and his audience filled with tiny gator's and women hater - gays in the closet, the worst unkind - trolled me around youtube and virtually destroyed my 4 years of close to almost 500 video uploads. Causing such an online ruckus that my channel was deleted due to Kangaroo community court going for the votes on the side of the sickos with the numbers ... Not the gal who gave it all and bared none at all - in the name of sanest humor and healing the maddening masses and trashy asses with her own personal brand of bawdy, ballsy happiness. Besides, my bared butt nor breasts were not even shown - why would i give that away, anyway! Close to half a million hits on that famed video- alone. mmmmm... wow!!!!