Thursday, June 9, 2011

Me and Charlie Coyote

Charlie Coyote and i met up, this fine June evening.    
 We stared at each other, for the longest while.

Me and Charlie Coyote
met last night
at the local golf course
on the river's edge

Me and Charlie Coyote
stood so still
all that existed was two
looking eye to eye

Me and Charlie Coyote
felt the same
deep connection as one
nothing except us

Me and Charlie Coyote
live together
alongside water and grass
brother and sister.

Katherine Marion


For some interesting reason, this poem does not rhyme. The only thing I feel compelled to convey, is the pure essence of  the purity of the moment as shared .. with my new furry friend.


Oh, i must add.. that when i 'awoke' from my splendour .. I duly noted, a small handful of male golfers had congregated, not far behind me, on the putting green. And, i realized, they were afraid. Already, so detached from their Goddess-given bodies. Caught up in muddled heads; riddled with fear. No wonder i walk in Peace .. In tune my highest part - this happy, overflowing heart!



  1. Yes, damn those horrible men for being so out of touch!!!!! Men just can't understand mother earth like women. We are special!

  2. I really enjoyed this piece Goddess. Thanks!

    Art! Who comprehends her? With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess?
    -Ludwig van Beethoven

  3. Dear BBking,

    Thanks so magically much!

    And, i truly love your quote. First time i have ever read this particular truth.

    oh, so TRUE!