Friday, June 3, 2011


My happy homeschooler snapped this vision of Supernatural Momma K
We were on the lawn, enjoying last late Spring's sunshine. After watering
my pretty posies, I decided to get a wee bite of Goddess-sent sunshine.

Keep glowing and growing. I am!


Lucky lady, lay your tousled head down for a wondrous while
You water your flowers and make Mother Nature smile
with colours of the rainbows - darkness does go into exile
 Queen of happy hearts ,upon this tender-hearted hope of an Isle.

Luscious lady, lounge upon the lingering ashes of lost despair
You paid your dirty dues in your last life of truth laid bare
in yesterdays' house that no longer resembles one who is not there
Matriarch of magic , within a new timeless frame, do as you dare!

Leggy lady, spread yourself as a banquet, to fill your ever desire
You open to receiving all that sets your passions on fire
others cling to picture frames of past, your the healing heart for hire
Goddess of good and all that is great, of Joy - one does never expire

Luxurious Lady, resplendent in your Goddess-sent glory, now
You revel in your boldness and brave exhilaration, and how ..
tomorrow's whistle has blown and luck, at your feet, does proudly bow
Conscious Creator m your divine day to garner glory and never raise a brow!

Katherine Marion


Chris Barrow, from Prague, re-woked my sweet snapshot. Inspired by my garden growing
and glowing, so soft and yet, revealing. Felt it only fair;  opening up to eternal Goddess,
within, and begin quietly - squealing. One more way to get closer to feeling ..
Burrowing beautifully into happiness, which helps all along on passions'
purposeful path of precious healing!!!!



  1. Thanks for the vision Goddess. Keep looking forward.

  2. Your words and positivity keep me beaming ..

    Bless you, BBking

    special K