Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Baby K made it with his very own tender-hearted PUREST LOVE

Momma Kat, gleefully ate it with gobs of Goddess-sent GRATITUDE

Terrorizing rollers trolled in and told tens of thousands of lascivious lies

Doesn't any Lookie - Lou/ise understand  how LOVE'S DREAM dies?

Making a cake for your Supernatural Mommy on PEACE day  of 03

Such a blessed GIFT from my IINNOCENT six year young Son to ME

I NOW sob, as I watch this old movie of THE LIFE we used to be allowed

KAELIN be MY GREATEST HONOUR, beyond crowds once wowed!


If you think slander and defamation towards  me is not the BEST part

Then, look at last week's recent online death and rape threats made to me

How much paint does it have to cost my now 15 year old boy, to BE FREE?


How many souls can spammers, scammers and online Peter-Pan Handlers, steal

Before GODDESS looks un-saintly behaviour squarely into his missing 3rd Eye?

Planting ROOTS where rotting fruit has spread;  no man maketh his MOTHER cry.

Katherine Marion


This is free speech. This is a free world . That does not mean that a Mother's purest maternal devotion  should ever be allowed to be turned into something as sick and perverted as the perverted people who take my teenagers PEACE away, ever since un-divinely distorted one of my famed video's , in order to get laughs and attention and built his raunchy ratings. After that, tons of hundreds and more .. of mainly male - misfits .. trolled my now defunct channel, until they had it decimated, thanks to spam and so called "YouTube Community Ratings."

More like public rantings. The dirty laundry aired by yearning youth who do not know what a real woman is and make fun of a child who loves her, because she is loving and kind, and  all that they no longer know anything of. Sad refrain in this political climate of heated hostility, emotional repression, economic recession, and decimating depression. Who is going to do something about it?

Well, guess i just got elected!!!1



  1. It's sad that society has turned something natural and beautiful into a cheap and shameful act.

    This is sexism pure and simple. What really burns me up is to see young women on the side of the chauvinist, unaware of the chains they are reenforcing on their own necks, and the necks of their daughters.

    Speak your mind and proud Goddess.

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  3. kaelin is an adult, at 16 the governement lgeally allows him to go on his own if he so chooses. So what do you mean when the governemnt takes him....they are there anytime if either he or she needs supoort and Katherine is learning some boundaries and even as an artist she is totally free but since she has a child there are other eyes watching for his benefit...he does not remember his past tears frustrations, as he has gone thru it now and is able to understand his mom deeply and even though he is too young to empathize ( his brain is not developed yet to its full capacity ( his full capacity and not to be compared to others) then he will make decisions based on it. He is very samrt now and a man.

    He actually steps up to protect his mother nad he interprest when she is sstressed and even though she may be wrong ( has overstepped her boundaries) his interest is to help her by preventing stress to her. So he has stepped up to the plate and this is normal for a son with only his mom.
    Although his mom appears vampish, trampish, trouncing around and playing, she is different with her son and he knows her "stage persona" albeit she is almost always in her stage persona...he provides such stabilizing ongoing relationship support, that she is actually able to be less her persona now. She now values herself and is in touch with her self more but she often does go to the is alot of wrk too much, to keep it up all this beauty shit...who cares...just be herself...if she has any --warts and all.Never mind the sexy jaunts we are all women and we are all sexy as hell only ain't nobody's buisiness if i do..however Katherine has made it use the pbservations well..drop the dross.

  4. Hi Katherine! It's me, Vanessa. I just want to thank you for this's so honest and real and beautiful. You're an amazing woman, and your strength and wisdom is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing your life with us, and for being so RAWesomely real <3

    1. Dear Vanessa,
      Many years and tears .. later - here i am.
      So gooood to hear .. your wonderful words - unlike so many bothered .. others.
      I very much appreciate your kindness and courage .. in commenting.

      Love always,


  5. Dear BBking, Thank you for really 'getting' me!

    Jeanne, You are not where you need to be, yet. So, you continue to keep talking about me - as if you need to defend me. I need no defence or excuses. I do not have any issues to do with boundaries - simply another term made up to keep people from being free. Please refrain from intellectualizing. Stay in your heart and just do your own 'work.' I never criticize or analyze what you are doing or being in this life. Give me the same space, please. I AM an 'extrovert' as you mention that i am, merely because i must be, for the sake of my child and so many others who may never get past their own fear to speak the voices they were given. Freedom for all!

    V for Vanesa and Victory,

    Your a very bright and beautiful young heart,

    So much wisdom and illumination, already!
    Bless you.

    Thanks, everyone - for being here!

    love K


    speciaL K

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  8. I am so glad that online libel by Jeanne D'Norcio has not been deleted
    Let the words of a very jealous woman who had her own son taken away at age 2 for 4 years .. speak for themselves.
    She got hers.. back, after 4 years.
    mine - after 7 months - wonder why?
    well, i did not spit - literally - into the face of the offending ministry worker.
    quite the contrary
    i worded my magic - with compassion and working out the pain .. by taking full responsibility
    at the same time - affording myself .. feelings .. that had to be looked at .. loved, and let go ..

    Thank you, Jeanne - for being such a good teacher
    you will never turn yourself into my enemy
    as you have done to your own self
    from your prison where you can barely sit sill with your own hellish thoughts
    you have inspired me

    thanks to me
    i will be moving forward .. with even more and greater understanding of what online attackers .. such as you - and real-life .. stalkers .. of the insanest same - want = attention!

    thus, this is your small reward on my pages
    i never even knew your drama .. was on my pretty pages
    for anyone who believes this poop - let them pick it up and eat it .. or dump it -where it grossly belongs.

    thanks for the compliment
    for anyone knows that when a person gets heckled .. by the be-jeckled - it means they have hit 'the jackpot!'

    Blessed to be real and working with my own inner world and never allowing those on the mean-spired outside .. to cause me much pain - for too long at all.

    Standing brave, beautiful and tall,
    special K