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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feast Your Eyes Upon My Pretty Garden

                       Feast your eyes upon my pretty garden
                        North Shore Mountains - overhead
                           This flower; fresh out of bed

                      Alongside the mighty Capilano River
                           Woods green and lush with life
                       This balcony beauty; no one's wife

                     A wondrous walk to the nearby ocean 
                       Safe and serene as could be wished
                       This sweet posie, by the sun; kissed

                      Nature surrounding us on every side 
                         Nurtured by life other than own
                        Summer dream; Goddess- known!

                            Katherine Marion


                      Although my homeschooling son and I 
                      lived in our fancy gated community, for 
                      merely one magical year, we still hold 
                      this gem-like oasis, gratefully within our 
                      happiest hearts.

                     For one year, 3 years ago, we walked along
                     the river. Kaelin sat upon his favourite rock, 
                     daily; reading his books and writing his 
                     journal entries. I basked in the sun, ran in 
                     the rain, photographed Mother Nature
                     at her best, and spent many hours in blessed 

                    Thank you, wonderful world, for the gifts 
                    you so kindly offer. 

                     I AM  LOVE!


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