Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Poet and her Roses


                            The Poet and her Roses

                                 you'll know it

                                as she discloses

                          The Poet and her Roses

                               Goddess knows

                               as that of Moses

                          The Poet and her Roses

                              when winds blow

                          doeth as deva proposes

                          The Poet and her Roses

                              Gaia's own show

                            gentle heart exposes.

                              Katherine Marion



                  This picture was taken about 8 years ago.
                  Kaelin was a mere and magical 6 years old.
                  And, I was a fit and fabulous 43!

                  Our life seemed so serene ...
                  Or, so I led it to seem.
                  More like ..
                  'Falling apart at the seam's,' some may hope to say.
                  Yet, upon this fine, sunlit day
                  One magical Mommy and her Baby K
                  Breathed in love-shine and shared all JOY - life sent
                  their blessed way!


                 We were living atop the penthouse floor of an older
                 building, on the quieter W.side of Denman Street.

                 Overlooking lovely Lost Lagoon and Stanley Park.
                 Loving with our whole lives and happiest heart.

                 My SNW website had just been erected and I was
                 writing madly and wildly, in the clouds ..
                 Furiously and freely.
                 Merely to pay the price, a little later

                 Sharing one's heart does not always pay
                 in the short term
                 For life can be ever stern
                 Heat can scorch and burn
                 Yet, a soaring soul, must dig deeply
                 To reach inside for what she does yearn
                 Sometimes, wisdom does not to teach
                 What we choose to learn.






  1. seem at one with the rose, like the beauty of the rose is connect with your beauty..being on the roof top above all the the over following cups(breasts)

  2. Peace at Breast ...

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    Focusing on beauty, gives us that peaceful feeling we all crave, deserve and long for.

    A rose is of nature and thus, nurtures us at our deepest core level.

    With highest intentions,

    love k

  3. It looks like your muse has a powerful hold on you in this snapshot, keep investing in it! And thanks for keeping your heart open Goddess.

    Looking forward to the next piece.

  4. 8 years? You haven't aged a single bit!

  5. Thanks, also - BBking and DRUT!

    Wait for this summer's upcoming shot's ...

    I shall be creating a supernatural series of collectable cards - like those old baseball cards .. Butt better!

    I really appreciate your lovely comments, too.

    love special K