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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"One, Two, Three," - 51 Cheeky Years of Magical Me!

My talented teen homeschooler captured this artistic visual of me,
last eve, after a bit of sunbathing and a massage. Anyone can take care of
themselves - says this 51 year young single momma K!

                        Life must be a positive affirmation
                                     public declaration

                        Light must come through all we do
                                  tight cheeks shall do

                         Love must leave our happy hearts
                            hot spots upon our best parts!

                                    Katherine Marion



One of my wise facebook friends recently affirmed;
"Whatever you need to do to feel good, you need to
do it."

And, what some people choose to do .. compared
to me - having a few innocent pics - taken after a bit
of sunshine and an hour massage - well?

One more supernatural thing about being 51 years
young, is that I really have and even better feel for
 what makes me feel good. And, sometimes, all it
takes is a good camera and a bit of talent.

Alright, some exercise, vegan living foods, no drinking
or drugs, and a bit of sunshine  ... does seem to help!



The talented Chris Barrow, did a little magic after I
emailed him this fresh bite of cheek, last night.

A few shadows and a some background that would not
be sorely missed, when magically stroked away ..

After all, we don't wish to give anyone a Bum Rap!!!


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