Friday, June 3, 2011

Just call me: GLAMOUR Kat

This cover girl is as Great under the covers as she is on it!

Cover girl with no cover-up?s
transparent to the sexy bone
sincerity will always find her at home
society may not always condone

Cover girl with no cover up"s
wise woman with wit and charm
uncovering lies as some react with alarm
loving life and keeping far from harm

Cover girl with no cover--up"s
kind to deepest cleavage known
creating new paradigm; system overthrown
intuitively feeling what is not shown

Cover girl with no cover-up's
love is light that keeps her strong
finding hope in darkness hidden ever long
Goddess allows her to sing  soulful song.

Katherine Marion


Kaelin snapped this photo of me, over at Science World,
a couple of yummy years ago. Standing on the seawall,
overlooking the water, i was transfixed.
No matter how lonely we may may all,
often-times feel, sharing our beauty
is what keeps us honest and real.


The talented Chris Barrows worked a wee bit of photo-shop
magic on my lovely picture, that he first found on my face-
book pages. Recently, sending me this wonderful
vision to grab a few readers attention and further
inspire the artist within me - living with passion.


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