Friday, June 17, 2011

Strawberry Blonde on Bond

                                                  Strawberry Blonde
                                                      calling 'James'

                                                Strawberry ice-dream
                                                       oozing sexy

                                               Strawberry sweet-cake
                                                   tasting of honey'd

                                                Strawberry bombshell

                                                  Strawberry Melone

                                                   Strawberry Milf-shake
                                                          sultry siren


                                                   Katherine Marion


                              Let us never forget the power of a woman!


                              Women, allow us to re-member - HA!


                              Real Men, thanks for the Mommaries ...


                               To my x-who kicked in this all -too showing left leg and told
                                me, "You deserved it!" Rather than, apologizing, as our 4
                                month young old, son, Kaelin, crawled towards his magical
                                Mommy, with pain in his innocent eyes.

                                I never intended this to be a pre-Father's day gift. Yet, look what
                                'you lost."

                                Best still, thanks for letting me go, so I could create myself afresh, in
                                my own Goddess-given name.

                                Even if it has taken over a decade and then some  .. to heal, re-build and
                                bliss-out .. as any bombshell, never bombs at Being!!!


                                Professional photo; David Fiero ( could be 2 -rrrrrrr's ) - Vancouver, B.C.
                                Tell him: "The 'Great  One 'sent me!"



  1. reminds me of a super hero, dressed up right before they change into their super hero outfit

  2. How did you know that i am actually in the pure and precious process of having just the supernatural sort .. created for me!

    Thanks for your thoughtful and inspiring comment.

    special K