Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Suited For Success

                                   Suited for Success

                             naked minds may not know

                     has nothing to do with how one does dress

                                   may I merely stress

                    power lies within that which does not show

                                     Suited for Success

                            well-heeled hick's will only strut

                     finery costing them far more than much less

                                     may I simply address

             winners are made with inner material; first and final cut!

                                   Katherine Marion



               The 'above'  winning apparel ... was a lovely added asset
               in my advancement in the reclaiming of my Goddess-sent

              This picture was taken by Sir Antoni, close to 6 successful
              years ago. Arriving at the court house to fight for the return
              of my shining Son, who had been falsely apprehended from
              his Mother, at the tender-hearted age of 8.

            Finally, after too much trauma to now,re-tell ... he was returned
            to his rightful home and Queen-Mother - 7 months of hell, later.
            Valiant in my endless efforts, I arrived at the court house to
            state my supernatural case, speak my truth and come out with
            my dignity intact. Knowing Kaelin was soon to be rightfully
            coming  back.

            Nothing better than the look of success, on a single, home-
            schooling momma, who has been put through every imaginable

            Wouldn't you so astutely agree?


           May we all 'stand up and fight' for who and what we believe in!


           Thanks to Chris Burrow for working a little of his magic on this
            lovely vision - so gratefully captured.


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