Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby K in Blue

                        I'll be your baby doll
                          dress me in blue

                          tanned and tall

                        I stand beside you

                      I'll be your baby doll
                        real woman am I

                      Goddess gives it all

                       smiling as you die

                     I'll be your baby doll

                    sweet heart of yours

                     Belle of every ball

                    precious to the pore

                    I'll be your baby doll

                    strutt'n my sexy stuff

                     you beg and crawl

                   noth'n like a little fluff!

                  Katherine Marion


                 Last eve, can you believe that I was 
                 asked," Are you a bigot?"
                 Speaking to a very fat and fully dressed
                 young guy, wearing sneakers, and texting
                 on his i-phone, in the sauna.We were talking  
                 about the recent gay parade and how a couple 
                 of 'women with children,' that  he knows,
                 deemed this annual west end event, to be

                As a confirmed hetrosexual, homeschooling
                a teen boy, in this gender-bending 'big city," 
                I found this old term, used to possibly 
                describe how I feel about remaining a 
                real woman, in an unreal world, rather
                curious, to say the least.

               The young, male attendant, who walked
               in on our very intimate conversation,
              claimed to be a 'real man," after I mentioned 
               my own favoured term that I often 
               use to so divinely describe myself.

               Then, the good looking import, working 
               at this particular posh, downtown health  club
               and spa, told me that "freak's deserve 
               their own day - once a year."  Especially
               since, as he so succinctly noted,  hordes
               of hetro's" parade up and down Granville
               Street, every night."

              How very interesting and sad, I feel and find, 
              that so many males claim to be 'all man." Yet, 
              this week, on the cover of downtown's very 
              popular "West Ender," my 15 year old boy
              finds his 30 something ... year old, government
              funded youth worker!

              When Kaelin and I peruse the page where 
              a full fledged article is available for public
              viewing, we learn that S was once a girl. A full
              hysterectomy, and breast removal later ... Heavy 
              doses of testosterone to make hair grow on that 
              chiselled chest. Hair already receding on his head.
              Yet, i am able to note, those lovely, soft doe eyes.
              The little girl that has been shut out .. forever!

              Even though I am saddened that a little girl 
              will never know the wonders of being a woman 
              and a mother. I am dearly hoping that one 
              confused child will find inner peace. 


            As a woman, looking at the world through 
            eyes of innocence lost, I am sorry for all the pain 
            and aberration that I see .. now, accepted and deemed
            as normal. 

           Imagine if there were no expensive surgeons, willing
           to turn your clitoris into a makeshift penis?

           Imagine if some girls who decided to call themselves
           lesbians, before they had complete sexy changes to 
           become males who sleep with others of their new sex, 
           simply like who they were and worked with what 
           they were given?

          What un-kind of a world has this become, where someone
          like me, is shunned, reviled, and condemned? 

          I love being a woman. Even if I have been tortured,            
         tormented, raped, and ritualistically abused - by both 

         I am whole and who I choose to be - Supernaturally!

         Hetro and Happy in Vancouver,



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