Friday, December 30, 2011


                    Sometimes SHE really likes what she sees

                    when it is only HERSELF

                    she travels inward

                    to please

                    GODDESS sitting cross-legged on mat

                    looking at a WOMAN

                    fleshing out TRUTH

                    SHINES back ...

                   LOVE lifts another lost and lonely veil

                   SEEING all that is not

                   mirror so BRIGHT

                   fit FEMALE

                   HEART of gold and gorgeous to hold

                   pulsates PASSION of life

                   CHILD once lost

                   HERo of old.

                  Katherine Marion
         ( under consciousness construction )


                  It is so exciting to watch what i am doing .. as i become who
                  I am meant to BE.

                  Can't wait to look and linger .. a little lovely bite, longer, at
                  this blossoming beauty, looking boldly back at magical me!


                  A few weeks ago, I shot this pic at a local gym. As my
                  homeschooler tended to his photography class, next door
                  at Arts Umbrella, I tended to Momma K

                 Every MOMday, we traveled to Granville Island to find
                 whatever adventures came our wondrous way ...

                 So, why not allow a little luscious time to play?

                  Kat purring





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