Thursday, April 29, 2010

Never Talk To 'Strange' - ers

( Kaelin - 8 year young homeschooking, raw vegan Son, on a bittersweet 2 hour "supervised access visit"  with Mommy - early Spring 05

My 8 year old son was taken away, 6 nightmarish years ago, by a terrifying troupe of armed officers ( carrying no legal documents - merely threatening to "break down the door" ), ministry workers and a public health nurse.

After the day prior, undergoing 4 hrs of inconclusive tests at Vancouver Childrens Hospital, due to slander and lies told to and by a multitude of revolving-door governemt workers, who had already been continually harassing us for over 8 years!

Two MCFD social workers baited my young son, with spiteful vigilance, after four to five hours of grueling tests on his wee sytem. In a locked hospital room, for 1 1/2 hours of hellishly "child- inappropriate" questioning, they turned innocent words spoken by a well-adjusted child, into enough 'evidence' to apprehend him, the next morn.

Even though we were both innocent!

Tons of paperwork constituted accusations arousing adequate suspicion, simply due to 37 claims against a magical mommy, thanks to my abusive x and various sick members of a highly respected and  primarily dysfunctional society.

Who needs to watch one more president be impeached on t.v.?

Voyueurs will always vicariously sway to the uneven ryhthm of another hailed sports figure who will never figure out his own penis profile in a world forever plagued with with polygamy

No one need any further wonder why Martha Stewart was taken down at the sane insane time that my son was ushered  away in a hush operation that caused me to lose legal rights as a Mother and my beloved boy to a well paid team of imcompetents.

Unhappy people need someone to hate, comdemn, and villify.

Paid public officials must convict a known or unknown citizen  to keep judges overworked, courts financed, lawyers in fine suits, and the penil system in finest over-ruling order.

Not, to mention; as in our over-ruled case of ilegal manipulative tactics taken, and multitudes of many untold others .. .Psychiatrists, doctors, the hospital system, untold foster homes and unknown bungling bureacratically appointed quardian parents;  a ton of dirty money is sent to legal launder.

Simply one more f'n fork in the devilish road of unconscious commerce, common discourteousies, constant miscommunications, and liabeleous misconduct.

Age-old victims, filled with shame and self-loathing, simply hide in their cluttered closet to point soiled fingers at those whom they envy and care not to understand.

People appointed to positions of 'power' push ttheir wounded way to the top of the feces heap, with a veangeance not even known to rabid dogs and carniverous sharks.

More like, hyena's lying and laying in infinite wait ,...

The abused are often the most honest and sincere whom really feel that they truly have nothing and nobody to fear.

Not so.

I lost my son and my once unflailing trust in the silent and deadening system that pretends to support and uphold justice and the once forever unfailing values of family.

Yet, there are others ... far worse off.

A rotting string of untold millions who can barely sleep at night, let alone share a peaceful waking hour.

We are truly a couple of the blessed ones.

So, as thus shared, in this fabulously interesting video ...  do not talk to the police.

Or, any other person in a public office that can take away your rights with the whisper of a soul-numbing signature!

Truth be told and love remaining to hold,

Katherine Marion
All of this consciousness-raising commentary ... inspired after visiting and replying to wonderful Wendy's recent lovely note sent to my pages.
Whereupon, I came upon this amazingly eloquent prosecutor and university law professor, who knows of what he so sanely speaks. Speaking his truth withfast paced  humor and  aplomb that bespeaks of many a sadly unwritten song.
And, feeling that I must simply share what the universe had so sweetly fleshed out for me, I went to my profile page to write a little or my own valuable feelings.
Soon, thereafter, innately knowing that one more buried  blog was in the magical making  ...
May you forever enjoy and potentially utilize a few of these tools to thus wisely employ.
In highest consciousness,

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