Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Freeda and Kaelin - Friends and Fresh Thai Coconut

Freeda and Kaelin

sharing Thai Coconut's

late, last evening

sitting on their butt's

Freeda and Kaelin

playing Simpson's Chess

old lady loses, again

young teen, says' "Yes!"

Freeda and Kaelin

friends; since he was born

two painting pals

canvases. well won and worn

Freeda and Kaelin

kind hearts ; I do dearly love

eating raw goodies

two full tummies to soon, rub!

Katherine Marion


So delightful to see my favorite people in the world, on the beat-up hardwood floor. After
Kaelin feeding Freeda a heaping thermos of his famed mushroom miso soup, our dear
old lady friend  - was digesting his rawsome meal.

I had just come home; bringing 20 pink, plump roses, to share ...

After a mini power workout at the local gym, I was ready to sip herbal tea and munch on a a couple of my freshly prepared Supernatural Bliss Balls.

So much fun, sitting in front of our beloved Xmas tree - nearing the end of Januuary.

With my 2 lovely Angels.

Love and Gratitude,



Maybe not the most flattering light .. for Freeda. Yet, King Kaelin; always looks good.


Yes, you are right. That is our Noble Fir that you see up, near February! Xmas every day at our place.

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