Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Reddened Hooves

The morn

he came galloping


on reddened hooves

The morn

he came galloping


top of high roof's

The morn

he came galloping


a sky that behooves

The morn

he came galloping


leaving; man of many moods!

Katherine Marion ( under construction )


Wisely, my soon to be rising Son, is still sleeping. After walking home under a full and resplendent Mother Moon< i was so inspired, that i stayed up, all night, to catch the morning sunrise flying in "on reddened hooves."

Soon, i will post a pic or three, to share the supernatural wonders, recently shared, in quick passing .. with grateful me.


Since i have learned that the multi-talented Enrique Inglesias does "not sleep all night, " since this is when he is inspired to write his songs, I am feeling better about my often energetic forays to photograph moonshine and morning light, along with many a timeless insight.

Please enjoy this passionate sky ...

That we both share.

With a consciousness-raising care,
kat purring


  1. Better yet, hows about if we slug it out in court for slander? for publishing what was not given permission...I have not been to court for some time...will be fun?

    lets go for it? I will happily call you in to court and sue ...shall we?
    we will see what is crazy...


    Let me publicly say that if you publish any film or picture, name me, etc without my permission you will be called to court---
    without prejudice

  3. Jeanne,

    Relax and let me be.

    You already ensured that my blog was banned from facebook.

    Many are aware of what you are up to.

    I do not plan on uploading anything with your image on it ... online.

    Do you not know how to take a subtle hint? You are harassing me on my pages of my blog.

    Stop obsessing and go out and catch up on your life.

    Good bye.


  4. katherine...
    relax, i am not sure how you got the idea that I got your account banned? Why would I do that? I respect the way or any way you choose to make a living or conduct yourself...I disagree with you only sometimes . Why would I purposely F##!! you up? That is not me..more like you maybe or Freeda your hillbilly friend. ( Ha Ha) I cannot believe how you project!
    you have said awaful things about me--how I my energy is so awful, wash off the stink, I mean it goes on. Now many people know what I am "up to" on Facebook. Crazy to believe anything like this about me---talk about tainted---your perception is what I complained about in an earleir comment--here is a perfect example of misconstrued and wrongly placed attention. YOu get on with your life...there is no way that I want to mess up yours. YOu know better..better reach down lowe( think!) who do you know that really hates you? It ain't me. I have no ulterior motive, need not to create karma this way, and would not raise a hand to hurt anyone..however when I need to defend...well I am still scrupulous.
    No worries I have no intention to undermine you in any way. Period.

  5. "Period," you say.

    Well, "On reddened hooves, " could mean that that time is nearing.

    Enjoy my recent pic upload and if you wish to view my gifts within these pages, please refrain from doing anything , other than reflecting on the love i send forth.

    With purpose, passion and purest intentions.

    kjatherine in Truth