Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Post a Sign of "Peace"

I post a sign of "Peace"

at Goddess 'divine door

even the local police

choose not dare ignore

I post a sign of "Peace"

my sleeping son to snore

nary small mice to sneeze

sprawled out on the floor

I post a sign of "Peace"

slumlord from sexy shore

such an un-Godly tease

always on rawk'n repore

I post a sign of "Peace"

who do you call; " whore?"

trusted set of 'uncut' keys

heart's that twins sure tore

I post a sign of "Peace" 

amidst local fool's folklore

send a virgin to her knees

someone help me, please

I post a sign of Peace"

at my reputation they tore

minds riddled with disease

wait til my final encore ....

Katherine Marion


" Oh, such fun to watch .. ," - is
that the song they sing, as one more
silly ,slimy puke-it on his misogynistic
a-dick-sling, does try to string me by
my rawk'n thing ...

After staying awake for 2 nights and a
dizzying day, all i an firmly say ..
the breast way to deal with abuse?

Simply refuse to be anything .. other
than A-MUSED. Showing one more
sobster sis and broken-down brother;
than not one or any or many .. can ever,
again ,hope to hurt this "Amazing Mommy/1"

Kat with her own Cream

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