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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I never asked to be Ms.Understood

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

why do you keep telling me, "You Should...?"

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

how does it feel to die in the land of "Could!"

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

what in your world feels as cold as "Would!"

I never asked to be Ms Understood

who ever wondered what was under your hood!

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

where went that part of your that is still , 'Good!"

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

when will you rub your own belly, and be as Buddha?"

Katherine Marion


I trust my inner voice. No other knows me as well - except for my son - or
he so wisely tells me!

After "Jeanne, crazy machine," left her latest 'smear Katherine
campaign" in my consciousness-raising comment box, all I
can do is listen .. to my inner world. Certainly, not one more
un-earthly  and overtly clique critic.

It is Freeda whom sagely suggested this past enchanted full moon
of an evening, that I needed to "go public," with this wicked woman's
'latest' ill deeds.

 Only, after my shining son and I did our affirmations,
as we breathed in fresh, winter air. Praying for a kinder and
more prosperous new year Walking home, together - hand
in loving hand.

Sadly, a few too may are jealous of what love has to offer.
Those of us ...  whom accept love's tender touch, seem to pay the
price on this realm.

Just as Jesus' very own disciples strung
him up and nailed him to a cross ,that they so carefully cut. There will always
be blessed others, who walk with a courageous heart and go with

Well, unlike the above .. precious fable of old, I shalt not die on
another's terms. To rise again, at a convenient time, where one
can buy a raw chocolate Easter Bunny to honor my hallowed

I shall simply, keep my head above the clouds ... and any fools
that step in my heaven-sent way.

Holding peace with my most magical selves - many.
Merely to toss beggars that beg only for trite attention,
a bruised and polished penny!

Kicking those unhappy heels .. up in the air,

Katherine in greatness

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