Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eating Crunchy Granola

                         Eating crunchy Granola

                         ain't gonna put weight on y'a

                         for one bowl is full of ...

                         the best of all that is real and raw

                         Eating crunchy Granola

                         feeds you fiber that bowels love

                         for one bowl is full of ....

                         juicy Goji, sun seeds and quinoa

                         Eating crunchy Granola

                         nourishes both body and mind

                         for one bowl is full of ..

                         healing from Natures Loving Law!

                         Katherine Marion



                         My Kid Rawk ; captured this pretty pic, a few
                         days ago, as snow fell and Angels rose ...

                         Eating sprouted Granola; filled with germinated
                         Spanish almonds, sunflower seeds antioxidant-
                         rich Goje berries, shredded coconut, and more ...

                         Served with freshly prepared 'mylk; ' made with
                         blended nuts, unpastuerized honey and pure
                         vanilla bean.

                         Something to really RAWK & RAVE - about!

                         Kat with the Dreamy Cream


                         Yes, I am wearing my new Lululemon. Thank you,


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