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Friday, January 13, 2012

Real Life Magic

Set your focus

no hocus pocus

aim real high

no need to try

trust it works

faith has perks

throw it out

give a shout

expect gifts

energy drifts

openly receive

always believe

now, affirm

it's your turn!

Katherine Marion


This sleep deprived momma, has just swept her old hardwood
floors with her silly broom from the dollar store. Don't they
even sell those old fashioned one's with the thick, great working
bristles, anymore? Mine has a pastel purple and pink handle, with
matching dustpan that could sashay in a gay parade!

After surveying my Xmas tree, which may be up until Mothers
Day, I listen to yoga music and sip on Chinese Dragon herbal
tea. Knowing i must go to bed, I first water my gorgeous new
Jasmine plants and put tired feet, already warming in my
cute, fluffy ear Bunny slippers - that my 6 ft teen son, wore
earlier - up onto my massage table, to get that blood rising ..

Feeling my back aching, from lack of sleep. At least I stuck
my head out of the bedroom window for a good blast of -2
celsius 'warmth' this morn, while writing in my gratitude
journal. Even tidied up the floor of the closet and straightened
all my sexy shoes that i may get to wear, one day - soon.

Sunshine has touched my face. Music fills my soul. My heart
is open. Birds chirp a sweet tune. Messages of love are sent
forth. Daydreams are being dreamed. Light is being let in ...
Old constraints that never worked, are being removed. New
life is in the making...

Oh, that's my brave and brilliant boy - calling me from the
local book store. Gotta go.

See ya in the Flow .. and Glow!!!!

special k

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