Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy To Be

                        Honoring Me

 not always so easy,

            you see ......

                         Honoring Me

by setting my selves .. free


                          Honoring Me

as I remember to hug a tree


                         Honoring Me

choosing no longer flee


                          Honoring Me

fleeing societal insanity


                            Honoring Me

upon Goddess' bended knee


                             Honoring Me

touching truth of Serenity


                               Honoring Me

holding space with theee


                                Honoring Me

facing my own reality


                                 Honoring Me

creating intentionally


Katherine Marion


My shining Son, sleeps, peacefully,
at my trusted side, upon our pretty
settee. One smooth cheek, lays its
lovely self - upon my trusted lap.
So much ....have I - to look forward
to, after I lay down my truth, with
the tender touch of my loving fingers
upon each well worn laptop key.


After 3 days of intense Kundalini
Yoga practice, at Vancouver's Helenic
Center, with " Beyond Addiction,: I am

Singing mantra's, listening to Snatam Kaur
sing, hearing my inner voice peek forth,
trusting my instincts, practicing Kria's,
re-programming neuro transmitters,
engaging fully, and doing my utmost to
be fully present - offers so many gifts!


Snatam Kaur Duar  ( i will check her name,
later, after i have slept ) so gently places
her arm around me ..

I have asked her to have her picture taken
with magical me. Ever generously, she has
kindly obliged me.

And, it was not until later .. looking upon
my feast of fleeting moments .. captured
last night's 'enchanted eve,' as I shared
my truth's with my beautiful boy, that I
noticed ...

This Mother Figure to so many .. had
touched me, once again, with her
undying support and approving heart.

I am blessed!




  1. I can't say enough good things about Katherine. A wonderful Lady making the world a better place with every breathe. An altruistic soul with love and caring for all. A true guide and inspiration for everyone. Bless you Katherine. You give knowledge, kindness,hope, and understanding with your hard earned Wisdom and sharing. So special!

  2. Darling Davie B,


    Such a welcome reprieve ..

    Your wonderful words mean the wounded world .. to me. This early morning, after deleting dozens of far from kind comments .. from my youtube account - that trolls have not had deleted, yet, I am overjoyed to be hit with this happiest heartbeat ..

    Imagine a place ... wherre more people deposited divinity, rather thank focusing on their own projections and transferal's ....?

    Well, 'this' must be part of the reason i have become so very well versed .. on life.

    With plenty of love left in my happy heart - for all,

    In Grace and Goddess-sent gratitude,


  3. Goddess Katherine is the essence of divinity. To kiss the ground her perfect feet touch is to taste heaven. It is a privilege and an honor to give up ownership of my soul to worship a true Goddess.

  4. Feels good to have my own online fan club!

    I shall simply pay attention to my humble 'slaves'

    Grateful to rise above tit all,

    katherine in Greatness and Glory