Monday, January 2, 2012

Pippi was my first Heroine

"How important is it to recognize our heroes and she-roes"

Maya Angelou

Pippi was my first heroine

rode a flying horse to the sun

Wearing long striped socks

lived in a house without locks

Chests of gold coins to spend

for her own self she did tend

Like me, hardly saw her dad

she played and was never sad

Did she lose her mom, too?

only her sky was ever blue

Freckles splattered on her face

filled with child-like grace

She seemed to not give a care

her nature was kind and fair

Pals with neighborhood kids

banging on pots without lids

Why did she have to leave me?

joyful role model, i could see

Guess I will be my own best

may child-like joy never rest!

Katherine Marion


I am listening to " Put a little love
in your heart. And the world will be
a better place. Take a look ....Put a
little love in your heart ..."

Very apropos.

No matter how my day starts, and it
hasn't ended yet .. I always remember
to never forget what is real and that
which is not.

A feeling heart is always hot!



You guessed it .. This is my first and only Hero!

I am fortunate to have captured my beautiful

bubble-blowing boy, a couple of summers ago.

My son has reminded me how essential it is to

slow way down .. To simply appreciate the

smallest things that are Goddess-sent

and forever Great!!!!

(site is still under construction, until i
attract the perfect conscious constructor
to re-make this precious part of my
wondrous world )

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