Saturday, January 21, 2012

Archer Pose - Poised for Persoal Success!

Arms outreaching

spirit beseeching

soul screeching

life's eternal teaching ....

heart opening

lotus unfolding

love's hoping

healers healthy coping ...

torso lifted

energies shifted

sands of time - sifted

Goddess-sent and gifted

new breath intake

faith never  to forsake

magic to infinitely make

living bliss; our chosen fate!

Katherine Marion


A new friend at the gym; a Master Sensei, from Massachuttes ( spelling ),
made SMILE contact with me, on the blue mats at the gym,
yesterday morning.

Soon after ... I asked Kim to take my picture. Since i felt my soul soaring ..
and felt the need to document my truth, so that others may feel my
spirit entering theirs.

Later in the eve, after Sky, at "Beyond Addiction," an amazing
Kundalii Yoga workshop and certification, that i am involved in,
mentioned, as I was strutting into the Greek Hellenic Center, with
my Raw Blissed-Out Balls, in hand - ok. on a silver tray, too -
that I was "oscillating at warp speed." In a roomful of people,
looking to leave unhealthy habits - after having reached many
highs .. unnaturally; surely a compliment!

When, i look back to .. close to 10 years ago, when i first began
going into Archer pose, I could barely ..

Now, a cinch.

What's the difference?

Focus. A reason to lean forward and want
something so much, that i can feel my body lifting up and the rest
and best of me .. ready to launch.

Now, in my life. All i can be is closer to my truth, as it
unfolds. And, it is not always neatly tied up, with a
pretty bow. Sometimes, it seems my bowels are
coming out as stuffing that never did fit. What
yoga does for me is that i don't have to really
do anything, except BE STILL.

For me, that has taken years and decades and eons.

And, oh, baby   - "you aint seen noth'n yet!"

Kat Puring


  1. Earlier this month - actually on the first day of this month - after sitting under a massive tree in New Farm Park here in Brisbane, I had to do some Yoga stretches to get rid of some tightened muscles and so could walk and move properly without my back and hips popping like Coco-Pops.
    As I performed my normal stretches to let out the gases to relieve my problem places, a lovely man (who I've been admiring and have told I like) watched me from a nearby park bench with open admiration. He loved it that I could do Yoga; as he was also into Yoga, but hadn't practiced in some time. Then, I did The Archer pose and he was really impressed saying - after I sat down - that he couldn't get into it because of his rotten balance. I told him it took me years to get to that pose.
    I'm not sure where our relationship is going, but we are twin flames, twin souls... and I'm hoping we never part. I have met the one I want in my life; at last. :D

  2. How very magical - Mozette!

    Maybe i shall do the same. Take my Lululemon clad body, bathed in a halo of healing auric energy .. down to the waters willing edge ..

    And, simply await.

    Wonderful story.

    With Goddess-sent Well Wishes,


    1. The wonderful thing is, Katherine, with this lovely man, I had all but given up looking for a companion in my life. And you know what happens when you stop looking, the man you really need walks right into your life.

      William is a lovely, sensitive and brilliantly intelligent man. From the day I met him (almost 2 years ago)we clicked... and each time we bumped into each other at parties, we'd talk all night, ignoring the rest of the party until the end; that says something about us.

      Now, I must simply wait; as he's scared of being in a new relationship. I have waited 12 years... and he and I both know we belong together... so what's another year?