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Monday, January 9, 2012

I am Loving Myself

I am loving myself

even if many are feeling not

I am loving myself

without attention's sought

I am loving myself

from Goddess to Crone

I am loving myself

within to find mine home

I am loving myself

for my deepest  beauty

I am loving myself

over all gifts given to me

I am loving myself

in spite of all of the pain

I am loving myself

dancing naked in the rain

I am loving myself

listening to this little girl

I am loving myself

allowing truth to unfurl

I am loving myself

as I mother my sweet son

I am loving myself

blessed to love as one

I am loving myself

so I may make use of time

I am loving myself

without need or rhyme

I am loving myself

Goddess on mountain top

I  am loving myself

healing heart's never stop!

Katherine Marion


Yesterday, after reflecting on a nightmare where
my only brother, stole my Child Tax Benefit
check from me .. I felt like hell.

Utterly abandoned, betrayed and triggered,
beyond belief.

For in this 'dream,' my younger sibling
was stealing from me, as he once did, in
'real time,' Now, I forgave anything that
I never felt was even worth forgiving,
a long time ago. Or, so it seemed ..

Today, my own son is 16 and he is having
his own set of 'issues' to make sense of.
Thus, there seems to be an almost
re-enactment of sorrowful sorts.

For , when my son, came home, yesterday,
with nary a phone call for hours, after his
usual teen promises .. I had even less

Now, many do not know this families
own scenario .... Thus, all i care to say;
is that I am experiencing from the bowels
of my being, what it must have felt like
for my own mother.

Now, my darling mom, chose to put
my own beloved Bro, into Brandon
Lake Boys School. And, another ..

This, surely , was not her first choice.
Assuredly, not her wisest.

Yet, with 5 children, ranging in age from
13 to 8, when she chose to leave my Dad,
in 73, this is what one overwhelmed and
overwrought woman, in another day and
age, somehow felt or was pressured into
thinking that she had to do.

Even though i have chosen to be a single
mom, by wise choice and necessity, I
also know that my child must stay close
to me.

For, i have lived the heart-ache of a
million moms. Lost my child, more than
once. Slandering 'friends' are still
responsible for calling the ministry at a
moment's sin or weakened whim.

Whom do I choose to live my motherly
life beside ?


This is why I am doing a lotta post
xmas inner house cleaning.

Since i started before the not so
happy holidays, i am already feeling
more than a hint of melancholy.

Yet, I would rather be 'at home' with
my blessed boy and me, that pretty
much .. anybody.

Oh, other than a cute kitten and furry
puppy, King Kaelin's eyes are sure to
soon, and so beautifully see.

Love Me


  1. I do not htink you have been fair to your son on teaching him about money.

    You do not give him money and yet you always want others to "give you money". you have to give children money so they will not steal. one of your opbyfriends gave Kaelin birthday gifts and christmas money but not you...he also told me when he did make money selling fireworks, he did really well several hundred dollars--you took the money promising to pay him back which you did not. o he thinks you owe him a promise you never kept. You have kept him in a poverty consciousness just like poor folk were in that consciousness in Prince too for all your BS YOU HAVE ENSLAVED YOUR SON TO YOUR POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS . Does he steal? How difficult it must have been him always wanting and you never giving--money and taking his and telling him what a good provider you are--you do so much, he should give you all his give hima carrot and a salad...growing boys need more. YOu ahte the worldly ways yet he is not allowed to like the is he supposed to wrk in the world--you are the cause--think outside your own box sometimes---opoor kid--you torture him with your bullshit so much

  2. The only reason that I am going to keep this crude commentary of yours up .. Jeanne D'Norcio, is because I have nothing to fear from sick minds like you.

    You go to your psychologist of close to 20 years, after your son was taken away at the age of 2 for 4 years, after you spit on her face.

    You openly smoke pot, even in front of my son, on the street, after your SUV was hauled away, and you wanted me to pay for it, after i had already given you a free pass for yoga. Even lighting up in front of your son whom you bragged about teaching how to puff.. And his girlfriend whom you allow to 'sleep over' in his bedroom and teaching her, also. Good mom.

    On Xmas eve, you were in the area and I invited you over for a special holiday visit. I had just had a female client over to sell her Kale chips and Goji berries. I was on a roll .. and feeling very generous. Opening my heart, in spite of all the dirty things .. i have forgiven you for, in the past, going back to when your son was gone and you came to see me and mine - at the wee age of 3 or 4, after a referral sent you to me for help.

    Before my son was taken at age 8, you sent me a nasty letter speaking of my son's "forked tongue." I still have that huge emai, rife with your absolute sick projections.

    I have kindly asked to stay out of my life. You are far from positive energy. Always so envious and jealous of any whom you wish to emulate. Those who are your friends, have trusted you. You have lost mine.

    By the way, I left P.G., at age 13, after my family left, to move to the Fraser Valley. So, all of this weird stuff of yours about Prince George, makes no sense to me, and is of no relevance in my life.

    In so far as you making reference to "one of" my boyfriends, you are off the wall with your libelous projections. You, the woman on a mental disability who recently told me that you were a "hooker at age 15 and 16."

    I am no longer allowing mentally unfit people like you, to destroy me, You are a traitor and a betrayer. Not to mention a few other choice expletives, if I had the time, inclination or stupidity to dig lower ...

    Be gone, as the ill wind .. that you came in on.

    Even after my son was mysteriously 'taken,' - thanks to the government receiving various anonymous calls of the strangest origin, all you had to say was: " Now you know what it is like, don't you, Katherine?"

    From no on, my compassion stays with Kaelin and I.

    You buy your son off. He comes home, once in a while and swears as he sits beside you - watching t.v., " I hate you, fucking bitch... I wish you were dead." You told me this, yourself - last week.

    Iam sick of covering up for your mental un-wellness. No more.

    Take care of your unhappy self and learn to love yourself and be grateful for all.

    With truth and telling and taking on no more sickness in the luscious life of my son and I,

    katherine the great mother and precious person

  3. There is only one crude person here and it is you.
    I love myself and usually like you except when you show your chrley narcissitic side like this--98% of the time. you always like to bash it out..there is no love in you that I can see or is all an I did not say the things yousaid I did..Katherine youare fairly crazy..everyone knows this is why you are so alone most of the time. You still think youare 20 and alas you are not yet in your pea brain you think you are so special..not anymore special then anyone else. You are not loving to your son...or anyone really it is always about you.

    your perspective is askewed and what you say cannot be trusted as youare so twisted.

    Your son should feel fairly betrayed by you, confused as you say you love him, but your actions and lack of empathy is confusing.
    Cry cry cry shriek, let all your angst on others who you consdier less then you ( nuts!) and cry cry cry is all you do complain complain, judge, you have been the most wild in your life and you complain if my son has a chance to choose his life and run it ? DO I call the MCF on him or want to send him to jail? Have I made him wear my clothing hand me downs like you did--Prince George thinking..hillbilly! Prince George hillbilly--
    the only reason I respond is you write about me and name my are stalking me I think, you are in love with me ( you are the one who brought it up..not me) who is stalking you? Is it when I helped you move with my van? or perhaps tried over and over to help you..when did you help me ? with your ciriticism... this is many years of unequal friendship. I just tried to nd abuse in all my relationships and that means that if you continue to not appreciate the value of my friendship then I will jut let it go. o stop using me to vent on and look at yourself as source of irritant...even when it comes to brought it on with your "progressive parenting" or hillbilly style I think. Get some therapy so you can see when you purposely put blinders on? get therapy!

  4. my son thinks you are ill..he is not liking you for your sexual videos..he does not think you are a decent mother when you do that, he thinks youare somewhat hysterical and thus crazy. He has seen your youtube videos and thinks you are too emnbarrassing as a mother. so stop venting on him Katherine and yes you are beautiful but so am I and so are others--God Bless you for that now what have you done with it? Abase yourself? Perhaps help other women who are sexually shy so you willlead the way since youa re so modern and liberated? Get some therapy and if you are sincere and humble, sincerely humble ( hard for a person like you) but you can do . Grow a conscience. I really hope all of us find ways to make enough money to live on..must be a way that is not that hard. say some is around the corner...its inside yourself..who is the authentic Katherine..have you ever met her? We are all doing the best we can and can use less of the mud slinging...karmic ... Be is not what you put in your mouth that is dirty ( even if inorganic) as it goes thru the body and comes out the end, but it is what comes out of your mouth and heart that is potentially harmful and dirty--comes from your heart---correct that. get some help you obviously do not respect me enough to get your help from me ( I am fully capable to provide it as I always have) but go to someone who you think is better then you and get their sincere help. Forget about your mother..she did not do well.. you do better look at someone else as role it for the both of you..pathfind your way out of the mental illness

  5. you send curses at me--make it public you are so you not see it? lies. keep on showing your stuff to the you think they are adoring? Look again. They are all special in their own ways. When you get to the pother side, you will be amazed at the great lights here that you share life with but alas you are only into tits and ass...butt clean---the heart. t..make it ou what about the light? Alol is shaped byu light and shadows. Did you know that although Capricorn is and can be very spritiual..did you know about the dark side of Cap? WHo is the goat? who do you a question you have to ask yourself with every thought word and deed everyday...Katherine do you serve the goat or the light? watch what cones fron the heart and cleanse i

  6. finally I want to share with you about the shadow side of Cappy, lets have alittle fun with this but Read it and think on this!
    "Capricorn Shadow
    (From the book "Astrology for Lovers" by Liz Green)
    ( for full discussion of shadow)

    So we might call his shadow side the Fanatic syndrome. This particular figure is connected with another one, which we might call End Justifies Means.

    The Capricornian shadow gone fanatical may have an ace to grind just about anything. When you first hear her going on, you might laugh. Ah, well, moralizing that way, doesn't she know that you can't change human nature? And whether the issue is about sex, or money, or religion, or politics, or rawfood, or just giving you lots of unwelcome advice about how you should run your life, the Capricorn shadow gone out of hand freeze your blood, because it's like do as I say and don't question it. The shadow side of Capricorn isn't necessarily politically conservative, either: remember that Stalin was a Capricorn too. What it's really about is that Capricorn, gone over to the shadowy side of her nature, always has a plan to change society, which of course necessitates changing it her way, which of course means there's no room for dissenters, End Justifies Means.

    The thing that needs changing in Capricorn's eyes also needn't be a big section of society. It might be you: the husband or wife,
    lover or child. And you see the same fanatical gleam in Capricorn's normally wise and knowing eyes. Get her on her favorite hobby-horse and she'll tolerate no opposition. Refuse her advice and you've permanently offended her ( or give her advice) . And she'll often manipulate in the most outrageous way to get you to go along with her plans, because she's convinced that she's right and that in the end whatever means she's used - however unscrupulous - will be rendered tolerable by the results.
    and moreover:
    When it comes out, Capricorn loses her wonderful realism and gets carried away by her own messianic visions. And if you oppose it, well, it's only your own delusions or stupidity or whatever that causes you to be so unintelligent as to not recognize the Absolute truth of her conviction.

    You may be in the position of being the person closest to her who has to listen to what she plans and who is expected to offer every last ounce of your own energy to see that she achieves it. This is where Capricorn's shadow can often make others suffer, for in a relationship or family situation she is prepared to sacrifice everybody ( Kaelin's?) else's will to her own. Whether it's her morality or her views on money or whatever her conviction might be, everyone else is expected to go along. This is the Capricorn father who believes - fanatically - that hardship is good for you, and keeps his children on allowance of tuppence a week where there are thousands of pounds in the bank; it's the Capricorn mother whose stern moral views or social codes are ruthlessly imposed on husband and family;

    The root of it is the intense emotional drive which Capricorn so often represses, and which eventually begins to eat away at his usually reasonable thinking processes, making him blind just as he begins to have sight. The more the goat can express his powerful emotional needs in human relationships, the less likely they are to muddle up his vision. And the more he allows himself to relax sometimes, the more he can see that less-disciplined souls are no less worth, but often hold the key to joy in life that he himself may have missed. Then you have a really mellow goat, who can dance as well as climb.

    I will not be writing again...I have never read this about Cappy Dark side and I think it is important for you to understand this fanatical side and missionism...good luck with it.

  7. Happy New Your - Jeanne d'norcio

    Please write your own blog Share your beauty. Look after yourself.

    You have already banished you own mom from your life; claiming that she abused you. You wised to be my friend, yet, every time i reached out to support you - especially emotionally, you reached up to pull me down.

    I am sorry that i was not able to take you to the gym and train you, since i am a registered BCRPA fitness instructor, and would have loved to, freely and gladly.

    I am sorry that you wish to persecute those whom you do not understand and wish to be like.

    You told me that all of your fb friends are not.. because they all think you are "crazy." Well, some of your behaviours and take and writing .. certainly might be construed as.

    I shall continue holding compassion for you. Yet, i will not be taken in and down by you.

    The only person who judges and falsely accuses another, Jeanne, is one who does the insanest .. same, to themselves.

    We must value, respect, revere and forgive ourselves.

    No one is perfect, certainly - I

    The reason I am so open, publicly, is to allow others to be inspired. I am many women, many wonders and even more .. worlds. As are we - all. This truth .. goes without saying.

    The more you write on my comment pages, the more .. you give away about what is not working in your own life.

    I wish you the best that you have to gve - to yourself.

    Now, please leave me alone, before I take legal action.

    That video of you, almost assaulting that clerk .. when your SUV was towed away, is with my lawyer. I hope to never have to show it. Thus, remove your presence from the life of my child and I and all of my family and friends - on and offline.

    You are a very charismatic and even kind-hearted person,. I have witnessed your light and love. Yet, then, I always see beauty.

    Thus, go look after You.

    And, I am free to be me and as many Me" s as I choose to so brightly, beautifully, and bravely decide to so divinely Be,

    With love and a hopeful heart,