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Saturday, September 14, 2013

I AM Beautiful!

September 2008 - Stanley Park Rose Gardens

I am beautiful
when I am kind to me

I am beautiful
while I smile inwardly

I am beautiful
 viewing others lovingly

I am beautiful
breathing deeply; peacefully

I am beautiful
allowing serenity

I am beautiful
bringing in prosperity

I am beautiful
taking life lightly

I am beautiful
showing love; poetically

I am beautiful
deferring; compassionately

I am beautiful
loving; passionately

I am beautiful
as I can possibly be

I am beautiful
how I dream; ecstatically 

I am beautiful
from where I sit; calm and free

I am beautiful
treating all; mindfully

I am beautiful
knowing  to shine; brightly

I am beautiful
relaxing; demurely

I am beautiful
pure of presence; invitingly

I am beautiful
honoring my femininity

I am beautiful
Goddess-sent is SHE!

Katherine Marion


This golden girl .. pic. may be 5 years old.
Yet, this 'image' is the NEW ME!


I am in a major transition - as are many.
Thus, I have been asking myself; " Who am I?"

More than anything .. I believe I was feeling ..  what was
making my niece Roxanne, who just turned one more year
'wiser,' this past Lucky Friday the 13th - sad .!
 Lately, as noted on
her facebook page, last week or two . ago.

And, remembering how her baby sis, Chantelle, had
asked me to write a poem as in poster up.. that she could
mount up on her wall where she so kindly allowed me to stay with
my beautiful boy, when we were healing my magical Mommy- one '
more time I was permitted to save beautiful her ..

So, here I am
and - it is

All my love



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