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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Could my Sincerity be the best part of me?

                                                  Could my Sincerity
                                                  the best part of me?

                                                 Honored; befittingly
                                                set my inner child free

                                                Creating great beauty
                                                 compromise purity

                                                 One with spirituality
                                                 win all; faithfully

                                                  Could my Sincerity
                                                  the best part of me?

                                                  Courted gorgeously
                                                  genuine simplicity

                                                   Tender heartedly
                                                 truth; mesmerizingly

                                                  Girl sitting, elegantly
                                                  Woman to bravely see!

                                                  Katherine Marion


                                                  A kindest friend on facebook.
                                                  whom I have not been blessed
                                                  to meet; recently perused through
                                                  'pig troughs full of drollop' is what
                                                   just came to mind - about me.

                                                   This grown man, could easily see..
                                                    that my greatest attribute; though
                                                    bottom - tight and cute, and breasts
                                                    to turn 'any other' male, mute; be my
                                                    outright sincerity; my greatest

                                                   Who knows , what I soon will be dropping ..
                                                    to open up one more door ..?

                                                    This is my fairytale, and in spite of all
                                                     that sexy drivel.. my soul has begun to
                                                     split apart .. and shrivel. Probably cause
                                                     I learned, when I was young - not from
                                                     my Mothers or Aunts - it was those damn
                                                     dirty magazines of my uncle H's,
                                                     that he kept hidden under his bed, to bring
                                                     out for his teen niece to read. After his wife
                                                     wisely left him, taking along all their abused
                                                     children  . God bless her!

                                                      My first pewter pendant, I bought with my
                                                      well earned babysitting money: "Sexy" it
                                                      read. And, even the dad in that house where
                                                      I slaved for my cheese, wanted to sleep with
                                                      me. And his fancy-pants friends or two, tried
                                                      to do - as well. Yet, not to succeed. Of course,
                                                      what do you think that lead me .. to believe?

                                                     No dad around, ever, past age 13. Even though
                                                     he'd fought the guy who came into my bedroom,
                                                     when I was a real young school girl. All those
                                                     trauma's .. just one big pill. What fun gal wants to
                                                     swallow that medicine. Rather chow down on
                                                     more bullshit .. served up to me on may a
                                                     stained and tarnished silver platter. Who
                                                     cares and what does it even matter?

                                                     Well, now I know that I am worth a whole lot
                                                     more than I was seldom shown. And, what
                                                     Kind of a role model can this single mother,
                                                     missing her only child be, if she can't be loving
                                                     herself, kindly? For their only one kind of love.
                                                     Opening our heart, entails that we brave the risk ..
                                                     shed our insecurity .. to reveal our strongest and
                                                     courageous virtue; Sincerity!!!!

                                                     That's me!!!!

                                                     Kat soon to really purrrrrr





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