Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thelma loves Bean Sprouts

                                               Thelma loves Bean Sprouts
                                               sticks her pink tongue - out

                                               Opens up her big, wide jaw               
                                               brightest teeth, i ever saw

                                               Looks at me; clear shiny eyes
                                               instinctive creatures-  never lie

                                               Gobbling Goddess-sent fare
                                               genuinely being - so very rare

                                               Satisfied with all that she gets
                                               has never, ever, visited the Vet's

                                               Content to lay at my own side
                                               unconditional love; bonafide

                                               Appreciates a stroke or pat
                                               rubs up against me, like a cat

                                               Named her after my Mother
                                               her love for me; none other!!!!

                                             Katherine Marion

                                            My one and only .. lonely Son,                    
                                            used to love Thelma, so. Even had
                                            a photo of his handsome self, with
                                           longer hair .. and one of his 2 puppies -
                                           in front of him, on the bed - for a facebook

                                           That was when he was not ashamed to
                                           to be gentle, kind and real.

                                           So, now whenever i feel alone and lost,
                                           over the loving life . i once shared ...
                                           I remember 2 reasons ... to still focus
                                           on who cares

                                          Sad, how so many. .. take for granted
                                          what is real and will not always be
                                          convenient or around . My heart gladdens
                                          over unconditional love - i once was given
                                          by my confused child. Now found by loving
                                          creatures; wanting nothing from me - except
                                          what i willingly give.

                                          Thelma and Edward - offer me rhyme and
                                          reason .. ,to live

                                         Bless Goddess' gentlest creatures
                                        'Man' with all of his excuses .. has much to learn.
                                        Shame, be falsely believes .. he has 'time'
                                        to waste .. and burn.

                                        Grateful am I  - for deeper understanding i have ..
                                         hard won - though i did earn!




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