Thursday, September 5, 2013

My often quirky humor .. after hurricane's ...can be devastating!

                                               What right does a single Mother
                                                with blessed blessed Child
                                                 have to go wild .

                                               " Dancing Naked in The Rain?"

                                                She lost her Son in a political coo
                                                 taken out of her kindest care
                                                 tears she naught bare

                                                  Wash away my pain " in refrain

                                                 Her boy laughed at  her mischief
                                                 quiet joke to ever slyly share
                                                 as hurting hearts did tear

                                                 "Do it .. over and over, again"

                                                 They have been split up, since
                                                  B.C. Government, so unfair
                                                  sold loveless learning's lair

                                                  Divine Goddess; to defame!!!

                                                  Kathrine Marion


                                                 Well, they can't change me
                                                  all they can do is try and buy off
                                                  my boy.

                                                  Turn-coats don't run in the Marion

                                                   thus, no matter what Nazi tactics
                                                   they heartlessly devise, plan
                                                   and deploy

                                                    He is the greatest pat of wickedlyWise
                                                    s HE!

                                                     K.M. and K2 Forever



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