Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Who put me in the front line .. anyhow?

                                      Who put me in the front line, anyhow?
                                       How did i end up a the golden sow?

                                       I was happy then, and seldom -now

                                      Did i ask to be burned at their stake?
                                      Is it truly worth what they do take?

                                      Through every part of me, i do rake

                                      Who put me in charge of a failing army?
                                      Who can hope to go forward, blindly?

                                      All i ever wanted back; joy lost to me

                                      Where does a dead person go to live?
                                      Why do most get stuck; not to forgive?

                                      Oh, how these shackles, i must be rid


                                      When do takers give back what is real?
                                      What do criminals care about or even feel?

                                      Justice is allowing myself and Son to heal!

                                       Katherine Marion


                                    All of my often lonely life, i have seen myself
                                    and a beloved one and other . perssecuted
                                    for 'doing the right thing'

                                    Throughout the dawn of 'man ' unkind ;Truth
                                    as such, yee shall infinitely and sadly, find -
                                    brutal lies leave a sting!




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