Wednesday, September 4, 2013

After ...

                                                             After the rapes
                                                             came rape poems
                                                             on my website
                                                              for all to see
                                                              a world to save
                                                              After the assault
                                                              did nothing about
                                                              dead-beat dad
                                                               in front of Son

                                                              We let him go


                                                             After the child-take
                                                              kissed crinkly ass
                                                              on shitty paper
                                                              kept by mcfd

                                                              held in rage

                                                              Too many hits
                                                              for a lifetime
                                                              love forsake
                                                              I do know

                                                             no longer take

                                                             Katherine Marion


                                                            I stay alive .. just in case - i am
                                                            further needed.

                                                           May, someday, someone who
                                                           truly loves ... remembers how
                                                           to love me!




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