Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Many a Truly Heroic Feat

                                             Last afternoon, I completed many
                                             a truly heroic feat.

                                             Universe conspiring .. there could
                                             be no defeat

                                             As when Sir Antoni drove our
                                             'get-away' rental Uhaul

                                             Five years ago, all 3 Victors
                                             we fled- free, and tall

                                             This time, t'was churchman, Author
                                             drove me to see Son

                                              Biking back, hours later; well loved
                                              by blessed boy: one

                                              Finding out facts to blow any mind
                                              allowed mine .. finally-unwind

                                              Trusting instincts-timing perfect
                                              delivered by the divine!                      

                                              Katherine Marion

                                              After biking 15 miles or more..
                                              home to clean up pee left for me, in a corner
                                              filled with 3 mirrors, yet unhung, I must
                                              praise myself for accolades . still -unsung.

                                              It is 6 am, and even though my son gets
                                              up at 7:30, I will now take out 2 puppies
                                              for a walk in the dark, while keeping touch
                                              with a heartbeat that has no bite or bark.

                                             I made no excuses for myself, today, in
                                             any unkind of way; saying what I had to
                                             say- listening to my heart on replay ..
                                             where trusting Angels .. dare to play

                                              If it were not for chronic lack of sleep
                                              I'd go to papers with secrets I dare not keep.
                                              The universe shall direct me; next step;
                                              trusting my instincts .. hasn't let me down - yet!!!





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