Monday, September 2, 2013

I shall be my own light

                            I shall be my own light
                            shining bright
                            beacon of hope
                            in the night

                           do what' is  right
                           outta sight

                           beacon of hope
                            in the night

                           Katherine Marion


                           Why did my x suggest i be an escort?
                            Or, an old fart, the other day, "just calling,"
                            to say ....    ?

                            And that call from a creep, this past sunny

                             no Goddess-sent reason to get out of bed,
                             so soon ..

                            If all of the above . weren't enough .. already
                            saddest, most disturbing and utterly distressing
                            was when i phoned and person i love

                           to be blamed, defamed and everything , but
                           named ..

                            such a sinful shame!

                            Utterly and soulfully detraught
                            over lies and abuse .. he's bought

                            I  saw in my mind's eye, sending my cell
                            out the window .. to fly.

                            instead , i had the most tormented cry
                            felt it would be better .. to simply, die

                            next, my toilet refuses to flush
                            good thing its' not me- in a rush

                           fish with my fingers, into the bowl
                           elegantly to lift out -such a useless
                           black, hard thing - out of that dank hole

                           damn, stupid phone, I 'd like to put on roam
                          rather than unkindness  .. ever find me
                          at home.

                          Bad Dog's!  Go choke on some other victim's '

                        Kat purring



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