Thursday, September 5, 2013

"What are you thinking about, Mommy?"

                                               "What are you thinking about, Mommy?"
                                                 my caring Kaelin,  used to ask me

                                                 walking seawall or running to the store
                                                 how could this heart not listen or ignore?

                                                 I would share what was on my own mind
                                                 and he'd say nothing, every single time

                                                 Always concerned that his very best friend              
                                                 might need his ear of healing heart to lend

                                                 What are you thinking about, Mommy?"
                                                  my caring Kaelin, used to ask me

                                                  riding our bikes from UBC to N.Van
                                                  right beside, keeping up, my little man

                                                  I'd empty my head and fill our hearts
                                                  carefree times such as these; best parts

                                                  Forever do i miss my stolen heartbeat
                                                  Eternity, allows us lifetimes to again, meet!     

                                                  Katherine Marion


                                                 Another 'rough' and lonely time
                                                 Taking pups out for a n early morn run,
                                                 was my days highlight

                                                  no wonder i naught sleep at ngiht
'                                                 rather later, when light swears off
                                                  loneliness' ghost's - torn.
                                                This grief - should not be mine!


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