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Saturday, September 7, 2013

" Mommy, please wake up!"

                            " Mommy, please wake up!"
                              my 10 year old Son, said
                              seeing me almost dead          
                              upon knocking my head

                             "Mommy, please wake up!"
                              I saw him standing there
                              on the ground, laid bare
                              for he - only, did i care

                              "Mommy, please wake up!"
                               he was almost in shock
                               biking; one more block
                               then, forced to stop ..

                             "Mommy, please wake up!"
                               I did not want to do so
                               rest; all i wanted to know
                               knocked down, very low

                             "Mommy, please wake up!"
                              how would he fare without?
                              Love allows no real pout
                              a voice gave me a shout

                             "Mommy, please wake up!"
                              my heart swallowed itself
                              this boy is my inner wealth
                              on his own, lacking health

                            "Mommy, please wake up!"
                              his scared eyes did beg
                              no true heart can renege
                              first my arm, then my leg

                            "Mommy, please wake up!"
                             knocked out cold and flat
                             on wetted sidewalk; splat
                             Farmers Market fare, that

                            " Mommy, please wake up!" 
                              little soul whom loved me
                              face of love i can still see
                              held onto mine; tenderly

                           "Mommy, please wake up"
                            stayed awake for his sake
                            not my life, to then, take
                            Loving child; be mine fate!

                            Katherine Marion


                            Before i finally go to bed, by 
                            8 am, this dusty skied new morn, i
                            shalt remember that upon love,
                            it was his own heart; foresworn

                           " I am here to love you," he used
                             to say. What happened to that day?

                             Raising him as a genius, growing
                             into his worldly skin. Never imagined
                             he'd later be reeled  .. in

                             Lies told,  mcfd papers read, books...
                             like bombs .. in his head. While he
                             lay, for almost days, atop bed, in a fog.

                             Asked for help. No one cared to hear.
                             Sooner, every day, the end may be near.
                             Too many dead heads .. left to clear of fear.

                             Best to love myself;,  as i so well, did
                             for precious kid Kaelin. Whom so many
                             set and left traps for - 'Mom not needed,

                             A Mother - knows best for her own kin.
                             Unsurping  Womanly Power - fatal sin.
                             Sore losers, lost in envy; hell - they do win!

                             No matter if he never picks me up, off
                             that ground, this time round. I have found
                             that karma always takes her own pound.

                             Sleeping babe may lay for too long
                             Lose their Mother: with head on .. wrong
                             Then, who shalt sing my love-sent song .. ?

                             K2 Forever




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