Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Sexy and Supernatural Things You Need To Know About Me

1. My nipples actually are the size of a chinaman's penis

2. I could easily be known as a full-grown 'squirt'

3. My 'twins' have names

4. My breasts are a couple of the only real tits in N. America

5. I even have a  name for "HER'

6. A flower can begin to blossom at any time ..

7. "Multiplicity' to me - simply an endearingly orgasmic term - in my Katology

8. I gave up on' 'sex' so that i could really BE LOVE

9. I have already won all pissing contests and my 'dick' is bigger than yours ..

10. My strongest 'point' is my sense of humour!

Katherine Marion


Rather than cry tears of anguish .. why not tickle our own .. funny bone!

Hope this brings a hope-sent message home.



Mmmm... Wonder what I would write if I had written; "25 ....?"

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