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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Michael Jackson Forever Sings To Bring In PEACE

Man//Child growing up in neglect

no more innocence left to protect

torn world of uncountable abuse

how can a baby, the breast refuse?

Mother Earth loves her children

one  heart open to truly listen

can't anyone see her shed tears

needless spilling of others fears?

Nature knows that every season

guided with a healing reason

allows for death and new life

never to harm or kill with knife

Every creature great and small

is the sum total of blessed all

man un-kind need merely do

 carefully think things through

For mis-spent millennia past

things have been going too fast

wars make money and maim

greed is a hard beast to tame

Hold the hand beside your own

do as your soul has shown

look into the mirror and see

the best that we all can  Be!

Katherine Marion


Michael was born in 58 and so sad that his life was one more that this reckless and greedy world did take.

One more creative genius and gentle soul,  misunderstood and abused, until a life of deepest loneliness took its timely toll.

Bless one more magical being and the blessings he does thus and forever, excruciatingly beautifully extol ...


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