Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Long and Thick ... of it!

In direct and divine response to Tim Boe's Facebook inquirey as to why i deleted that 'swollen member' that does not deserve to be my friend or even witness to his nearly full-blown .. antics ...

I would tell all .. except i do not want to give him or his ... too much credit.

I advertise that which I KNOW to be true and beautiful And fills life up with warmth, wonder, hope and happiness

Not 'THAT' other spelling - see above

I was offended, as you so rightly write, due to the fact that what he sent me was impersonal, cold and although, it was far from flaccid; lacked vitality and positive energy.

Thus, porn is not here to stay - at least - in my wonderful world.

And, the sad fact that some ignorant wasted mind thinks it is his .. to send me something .. that represents all that is far from intimate, intelligent and filled ... (pardon the penile loaded pun) with integrity.

Hope this helps to further illuminate an almost emptied subject .. that to me, should be fully loaded .. with immense light and love immortal.

There, now i feel better.

And, even wetter .. upon this rainy Wet Coast kind'a day!

Floating on a bed of roses - with no pricks .. to act as thorns in my supernatural side,

special K

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  1. Have you ever asked your son how he feels about having to film you naked? Or how he feels about eating only raw food? Or how he feels about having to be part of your online 'celebrity'? Or how he feels about you filming him in his sleep? Or how he feels about living with you?