Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sexy Ms. Santa Picture - Deleted From Facebook

Well, rapist's get out of jail on the word - :"Go!"

That's if they even make it in ...

Pardon the pun.

And, yet, my sexy, Ms. Santa shot,  you will note - is missing from my Xmas dvd collection on fb, has been deleted.

You know, that purringly pretty pic of Katherine The Greatest and that Great Santa - helper - behind me. Merely with his leathered hands - it's cold out in the N.Pole - wrapped protectively around my sexy, lace, black brassier ... that I just happen to be wearing.

I don't care if he wanted to. T'was the season - and my turn.

Not the first time.

Nor, possibly the last ...

As long as 'overly concerned citizens' are watching out for my Breast Interests.

Could not resist.

Nor, did HE or SHE.

Golly Goddess - who could it be?

Guess I shall keep being magical me!!!

Katherine The Greatest


So many tests in life ... Have I  passed, yet?

Back-down, get my back-up against a wall - sounds sexier, - or get right back on the write-track ...

No room for wondering - which wondrous route I do deliciously choose .. to call my blessed and beautiful babe of a ballsy own.

Wait til me own wee and wondrously telling video comes up on


There are pedophile's, sexual predators' - of the same insane .. on the rampage  - many pages .. - on facebook and elsewhere - on line.

Guess I should have simply worn a gun onto the Sunday School bus. Or, something simpler and far more acceptable  .. such ass hypocritically subscribed to in this spiritually and emotionally immature society.



As soon as we pick up our other computer, I will be uploading 'THAT precious image, atop  ... - cause that is precisely where I LIKE IT!


  1. i cant wait to see the pic! xo

  2. You make your son film you naked dancing sexually. Think about that. You don't think that's hurting him the way you were hurt? He doesn't want to see his mom in a sexual way.

    Your followers are people who look at you like you're a porn actress.

    When your son films you dancing while looking in the mirror and shaking your ass at him, he wants only to film your face. Re-watch it and see what I mean. He doesn't zoom in on your rear end for more than a second. It makes him feel uncomfortable.