Friday, February 25, 2011

Sister J Lost Her Intuition

My sister, Jacqueline,  once brought me up North,  to check out her beau, whom she'd already birthed a son by, after having her first 3 beautiful daughters, years earlier, to another 'husband.'

She told me, her eldest sister, "You gotta help me, sis. I think i have lost my instincts."

So, she must have figured out that i still had some ..

 Lovely Jackie,  did not like what i had to say ..

Since then, she has 'seen the light'
 .. a dozen years later

And even lighter ....!

Katherine Marion 


Inspired by a quote about instincts - i wrote a few sentences on fb and brought a few of my thoughts over here ... Much more to add.

First, since it is past 5 am, i must sleep.

Even though i would love to read my newest reading material to stay wide-awake for ... "The Intuitive Spark{ by Sonia Choquette


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