Sunday, February 13, 2011

Uncle "H" Really Loved Me

He used to sit, smiling, during tea

Telling us all, one more dirty story

Big, brown eyes, crinkling with glee

Uncle "H" really, really,  loved me

He used to send me, early in morn

To his room, to read stacks of porn

That house, you would have sworn

Out of that scary book; "The Corn"

As Grandma, put sugar in her cup

"H" held on, to try and rub me up

Told my sis "C," one day, at sup

Eldest Uncie was morally corrupt

Incest family, so much in total denial

3 children of his own, did he defile

Even cousin "W," after a long while

Legally uncovered, going into exile

Aunt "T" refused to ever believe me

As did my beloved Auntie Chicke

Hailing from the same insane family

Torn, bare branch of dysfunctionality

So hungry for any type of affection

Fell right into that age-old affliction

Sick members of abuse and addiction

Many to pass on that very prediliction

One eve, at "Church On The Go"

How was I ever to guess or know

Where on stage, my poetry did flow

Truth was aching to be told, and grow

Asking my Cousin "J," if "it had ever ..."

Staring at me, so above it all, and clever

Uncie's hands in her undies, since forever

Birds of a flock, fly and die - together

At that table, that very Godly evening

Uncle Jim, shared tales worth believing

With "H," dead; gone was the deceiving

Untold  truth's ...   I was finally receiving

Just as I had already, wisely ascertained

Before "H"'s dead Daddy was named

'Did' all his 5 children, before he 'shamed'

Saddest way to become so secretly famed

At least the dick was out of the dirty bag

Future generations, playing incest tag

Not so easy, with telling tongues, a 'wag

When it's your blessed children, you shag

Can't you see, how it does surely prove

Away from some relatives, to move

Before our mental health may improve

To get into a truly functional groove

So many were hurt; one dark travesty

Sins; passed along .. can sickly be

The end of essential practical sanity

Thank Goddess, I now, respect ME!

Katherine Marion


Just tell me .. Why have I been protecting the guilty for such a lonely and long while?

Oh, the beginning o f a new poem ...

Sorry, if you may not find my Truth ...  sweet and diluted - enough. This is my Valentines Day, and the way i am going to love myself .. is to further heal.

So, better to look into your own loveless lineage, before you run away to squeel ...


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