Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pregnant with Hope - Creating a Raw Reality!

Talk about giving birth .. to a wholesome new world!

At age 36, I was blessed to grow within my blossoming inner sanctum, my first and only child - Kaelin.

No 'dead red' as I choose to name it and them, since age 19. After too many years of an unconscious childhood, forced to eat my "Shake and Bake" covered pork chops, that my dear mommy felt inclined to feed us all, for fear of 'not enough protein. And, let's not forget that deadly fried liver, excavated from the innards of some poor farm animal that I was never afforded the opportunity of meeting. Only 'eating.' "Gotta have your iron" - at least once a horrid week. Every day was filled with some sort of sordid leftover's from some animal - killed for the supposed sake of children that would never starve. If anything, mis-create a mindless society of mass murderers!

Dropped 'the dairy,' way before I became one.

No drugs, did i believe in - until that taunting Doc came by to seduce me with not one, yet - 3 deathly epidural's. Not even able to feel the pain of my baby's huge bowling ball of a head, as it was pried out of my teeny, tiny vaginal canal . That holy and rosy hall, that I would not even want to force the Friendly Giant through its precious pathway's.

Alcohol was what I realized to be one of man-unkind's many deadly sins. Thus, this was easy to drop, the minute I realized I was pregnant. Especially, living with an alcoholic, that I was soon to send packing. A few merciless months, after he would give me a wee slap in the face and a kick in the leg - in front of my 3 month or so .. rising son.

I already knew that I wanted to have a home birth, yet, made the joke that it would never happen .. since I might have to clean up my bedroom, first!

Thus, I was relegated to 34 hours of contractions, called "labour." So what if our travail's were spent in the hallowed halls or too often visited semi-private room at The Women's Hospital in Vancouver, B.C  After my female doc sagely suggested this option, when she was informed by me that I intended on dropping my baby into the warm waters of the South Pacific - possibly assisted by a small staff of playful Dolphin's.

I can have my dreams.

Years later, I found out that same M.D., who many might have once seemed, somehow, sane, had left her profitable clinic, to die of cancer. Filled with drugs and no hope - glad she at least wanted to be at my side as i screamed obscenities and pooped out something other than baby. Well, they did tell me, "Just push .. like you are having a ... " So, I idid. Good thing i stopped listening to people in authority. At least, those dressed up as knowledgeable wizards of the whack, that only speak 'quack."

Glad that I had already begun 'cleaning up my act,' my child was the ultimate gift and caused me to do more of my sacred 'work' - way the quicker.

It was when my child was 6, that we became vegan raw. We did miss that salmon sushi and over-boiled rice, for a while. We created healthy substitutes and our cravings diminished and cleared. Becoming more inventive as man-made time prevailed. Adding up to the Gregorian calendar of over 8 years, now and forever raw.

So what,  that age 8, the government took my child to a gay foster home and batardized him on Barfer King for 7 soul-depleting months of agonizing pain. It only took years, to fully rid his tiny and toxic system of all the poisonous pus, oozing out The same vile secretions; drunk by sleepy day-walker's, still not aware enough to know that they are drinking that same un-sanely stuff .. As they innocently sit down to their glass of milk, that mommy used to so lovingly feed them, as a malnourished child. A beloved boy or girl fed the same lies that their precious parents were more than prone to swallow.

Close to a decade ago, the public sector did not have the prized info that the highly valued internet, now dishes out, so deliciously. We were all warned it would all be all about porn. Never did we realize 'in our wildest dreams,' that we would finally be able to own our power, with the dis-enfranchisement of legalized lies that have lingered too lonely of a long and foul-breathed torrid time.

Where 'ignorance is bliss,' we have learned to hold our future in our own hands. To mold magic into what we envision beauty, truth and prosperity to so bountifully and beautifully be.

And, the wondrously rawsome fact that some mothers choose to align themselves with all that is raw and real, as the life inside of thought-provoking them .. grows and glows. YES!!!

Co-creating a conscious community,



If there was ever a reason for a 51 year young Goddess to give birth, again - here I Am.

Now, for that 2nd Immaculate Conception ...

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  1. The reason you think your critics are all jealous or hateful people is because many of them are crude and nasty. Do you think if not for the extreme people, you might take words of advice more seriously? Take a break from getting massages and going to the gym and sit down and listen to your son without telling him what to say. Ask him a question about how he feels about something and then don't say another word. Let him speak. Let him express himself openly without interruption from you at all. Do this, but don't be surprised if he's afraid to say much...