Friday, February 11, 2011

Incest Is Not Best

The first penis i ever felt

was of my dirty uncle's

after he undid his belt

My mom sent me away

in the basement - to sleep

with  my uncle - to  play

He was the dirtiest  old man

why his wife wisely left

 wishing nieces; to slam

Only thirteen - at the time

i had been taught' right'

and what was not fine

As i lay upon the bed

lowering himself atop me

this is what he said ...

"Why not," so softly

after I loudly told him

"Get off of me, Harvey."

I was left alone to sleep

he never tried 'this," again

no one mentioned a peep

Until my mom asked me

about her eldest beloved bro

and later, telling her family

No one believed his baby sis

threatening to put her on pills

story of dysfunctional bliss

My mom was never believed

i was just some silly, stupid girl

dismissal, we both received

A throbbing 'hard-on' to me

felt through my underpants

not my idea of real intimacy

Even then,  i already knew

to trust my own instincts

while honouring myself, too

Sick man - died at an early age

with a bedroom-full of porn

a gun collection; prized rage

His Daddy did worse to him

my mom suffered the same

Silence is the deadliest sin

I paid the price for speaking

relatives sent me packing

truth was all i was seeking

My son shall never suffer

for sexual abuses in his life

for  truth's told, by Mother!

Katherine Marion


Thank you,  Jamie, on facebook - for the very erect member of your own dysfunctional family .. that you sent to me, on my message page. Now, that i have duly reported you, i am rightly reminded of why I would wish to protect my precious self and others souls as sweet and pure.

Thanks to abusers and predator's online and off .. such as tasteless and telling ..  you!


  1. My inner child and I are very grateful to you for posting your precious thanks.



  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. Please don't make up for it by over-sheltering your son. Think about the childhood you wish you had. Think about the things you wanted and your desires. Would you have wanted to film your uncle nude in the tub? Would you want him to strip in from of you while you are forced to watch?

    Think about what you wish you had and give it to him.