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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dream of Pooping Women

Yesterday was a very 'shitty' day

Awoke to sit upon my  throne 

Remembering dreams that say

"Please leave this Goddess, alone!"

Pooping Women;  were everywhere

Even on their bellies, legs all over 

From above, I saw butt - laid bare 

Friendly fields of brownest clover

I wondered where my offering was

A woman told me what it looked like

Not wanting to behave as a real ass

Who knows, she could be some dike

Every sphincter's fending for itself

No shyness or falsetto's modesty 

German's honour their's on a shelf

Maybe I ll sell mine  .. on E-Bay!

Katherine Marion 


Of course, there is more ... 

Always is.

Basically, the message .. that came though - pardon the poopy pun - was that too many poop-le are messing in my 'business.'

Clearly, all I can do - keep my own butt clean.

And, they will leave me .. well alone!


  1. can we please see your bare breasts, nipples and all next post? there perfection! just like you

  2. All the Breast to you - admirer.

    Please donate to - via for my many loving gifts.

    Then, we will talk ...

    special K

  3. ahh! i can't believe you answered me. it's like talking to a celebrity, i love you! and everything you stand for. and your booblies

  4. Bless you for your authenticity!

    And, you made me laugh, too.


    special K

  5. Do you like only getting attention for your breasts? Is that the kind of attention you really crave?