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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Valentine Gift To You - LOVING 'ME'

The more kind acts  that I do for me

Creates infinite sacred space for you

Choosing to always speak honestly

Is all a Supernatural Woman can do

Valuing myself is of utmost priority

Sending the message far and wide

As deep as my Third Eye choose see

Goddess'' Law; that I  do holy abide

Self respect must  be a virtual reality

Sharing love and speaking our voice

Responsible for setting hearts free

Otherwise, we stay lost in the noise

Human rights start right at home

Loving ourselves first; is paramount

Setting the highest vibratory tone

"#1" is the only ONE, to truly count!

Katherine Marion


Sometimes it can pay - literally  - to become so burned out, that ONE, simply does not care.

Especially about what others may think ...

Thus, this Valentines  Weekend,   Supernatural Woman ; representing so much to so many, and maybe not much .. to  few - has decided to gift a precious poem unto you.

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Thank you for allowing this rising star to consciously continue to shine ....

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