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Friday, February 25, 2011

Feelings about ... Kim Bassinger

Today, I  awoke

thinking of Kim

reading her quote

Troubles we let in

ignoring instincts

mirrored is our twin

I can relate to her

once lovely, long hair

sexuality a slow purr

Others may prefer

judging us from outside

kindness be the cure

Who needs a pedestal?

other than those weak

better to just be still

Essence is the thrill

digging long and deep

to receive your fill

Most will never find

truth that lives within

for they are far behind

Suck'n  on bitter rind

their own deadly sin

rather tan just being KIND !!!

Katherine Marion

p.s. - to read KIM'S ...

Why did i awaken to immediately think of Kim Bassinger?

Even seeeng her beautiful face.

Not that flawless skin that once has been portrayed upon the silver screen.

The real person, is whom i do so intimately mean.

For she is parts of precious me.

i can identify

After hearing from many sources, that many of my pictures cause them to identify me to her.

This is why ...

And, before realizing that her and i share so many of the same insane 'obstacles' in this often seemingly confusing life.

For instance, we both have many who idealize and envy us. Rather than truly seeing and being as one, with us.

I shall continue showing my vulnerability.

Sending love to beautiful Kim and blessing both of us, as we continue to brim over ..with Goddess-sent Sensuality!!!


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