Thursday, September 22, 2011

Battered Women

Battered Women

are never set free

Battered Woman

too blind to see

Battered Women

hang precariously

Battered Women

parts of precious me

Battered Women

divinities decree

Battered Women

lives of much misery

Battered Women

living in inner poverty

Battered Women

death by delinquency

Battered Women

touched by insanity

Battered Women

holding their plea

Battered Women

bound by misogyny

Battered Women

ostracized by society

Battered Women

no safe place to flee

Battered Women

speaking truthfully

Battered Women

let go of all vanities

Battered Women

jabbing jailer with knees

Battered Women

owning powers, faithfully

Battered Woman

healing wounds of humanity

Battered Women

treat themselves, respectfully

Battered Women

finally forgiving "He."

Battered Women

finding Goddess in "She"

Battered Women

opening hearts; peacefully!

Katherine Marion


One more morn, touched by Angels .. that tell
me to speak with a voice that speaks volumes ..
and writes even more!

Even though my computer 'ate' half of this
beautiful new poem and my transcendent
postscript, i was thus inspired to
give my inspired piece, an even happier ending ...

With point-HERS  ... along the wondrous way!

Oh, i do so love the loving language that i am
so constantly and consistently creating ..

Brave for one more brave feline who has learned
how important it is to roar ..before she may
again .. truly purr.

Here's to the HER in all of US.




  1. Twelve years ago, I was trapped in an abusive relationship. However, I managed to get out - with the assistance of my family. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not thankful for their help; as I wouldn't have known what to do otherwise.
    Now, over a decade on, I've finally found that I can trust another man again. It's taken time and a lot of soul-searching, but I really do feel good about this one. And this is after so many failed attempts at having relationships over the past seven or eight years... and you know? I wasn't even looking! :)

  2. Dear Mozette,

    I am touched that my poem touched parts of precious you.

    Every part of me is aware that there is someone .. whom i may not even have ever met ...

    I am actively engaged in catching up on remembering how to love mineself. So, sister, when i am ready .. watch out!

    Although, it is usually most .. whom are far from ready for me.

    Good thing, i still exclaim; proudly, " YOU Gotta wait for a good thing ... HERe i AM!!!!


    Magical Mozette


    Surely, you have opened up the forum for other divine females to do their sanest same.

  3. Now, i just need to show you my gratitude for sharing your telling and timeless truth.

    Interesting, your family, unlike so many others .. was there to care and take 'action,' to help remove you from the the lowest source of your suffering. How many women are offered this distinct advantage? Not many. For a myriad of distinct and different reasons. Especially when abuse is usually a cyclical and ritualistic routine of sordid sorts. And, with a dysfunctional family, there are not too many survivor's. Let alone, thriver's .. alraady.

    And, the fabulous fact that you endured for 12 humiliating years, and then managed to finally abstain. Since 'it' certainly does become an addictive behaviour.

    Bravo for you for laying claim to your power and at one more ungodly owner, calling in your Goddess-sent power.

    And, hugs of healing and happiness to your family who truly acted as strongest roots to further ground you, when you had momentarily lost your center and your mind.

    Ripe and bearing fruit,


  4. Katherine,

    Thank you so kindly for your powerful words. I first found your blog and found it uplifting and wonderful; and still do.

    Recently, I was talking to my Mum and we were talking about my upcoming birthday (5th, October) and I said that I feel as though I've wasted a bit of my life; as I'm turning 38. However, Mum asked me why. I said that I haven't got anyone in my life, no children and have been doing volunteer work. But Mum said that I have been working on the internet a lot, blogging with my book reviews blog, bookcrossing and doing other great ventures as well. I moved out of home when I was 29 (so late due to having Epilepsy and having to need a carer for some time) and she said I have survived well on my own.

    I hadn't considered any of this.

    I sat down the other day and just looked around my townhouse/unit and found I had a lot more than most women who have survived being abused.
    I no longer have the nightmares, no longer go to therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I get out and party. I'm getting to not mind crowds too much and being able to walk around my home city of Brisbane (Australia)on my own without feeling as though something bad is going to happen. I feel much safer within myself. And it's all because of my family and my friends being so supportive. My brother - who is my rock - has been great. He's always pushed me to be my best - and vise versa - and his daughter is the best young lady around. She looks up to me like a big sister; and I don't know what she'd turn out as if I wasn't here to be her Aunt; as we are here to guide our nieces and nephews, aren't we?

    My family have been the best I could ever ask for. They've helped me through a lot of problems and now, I'm good, they're helping another family member while they are fighting the battle with Prostate Cancer. And he's a favourite Uncle too; isn't that always how it goes?

    Blessed be... live free