Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vancouver City Lights Speak To Me At Night

 Vancouver City Lights Speak to me at Night

Biking the Stanly Park Seawall with all my might

Looking acroos gleaming water to Granville Island

Watching my world stand still in wondrous silence

Basking in refracted light that reflects all to magial me

Skimming the calmesst surface ...,surfing one sea

Sharing enchantments that sparkles at our feet

Capturing darkness' beauty ...  be my grateful treat                                                                      

Honouring Mother Nature in Goddess-sent glories

Opening up as she shares  her many magical stories

With everything this precious planet forever bestows

Favored is following the light that infinitely grows ....!

Katheirne Marion


Here i sit in thus wee and most un-Goddess sent
hour, at a downtown web cafe, where a kind
Korean student, working at the front desk, has
 inscribed my copyright on this pretty new image.

Blessed am I to so magically meet so
many who share my joy and open heart  - along
life's winding path. Lit by passion and purpose, I
shall always find my wickedly wondorus way!



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