Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As Tall As s Tree - and even more Powerful!

     Raw, vegan mom

     biking with blessed Son

   Rather bike than run

   energetic soul at fifty-one

   Homeschooling teen

   upon me does he lean

   We follow no team

   better than it may seem

   Tall and mighty tree

   the highest parts of  me

   Strong as he may be

    my Third Eye can  see

   Our love is all we need

    planting one more seed ....

    Hearts reaching out

    Mohter Nature does feed..

    Katherine Marion


    Last evening, prior to the light leaving
    the loving sky, my big baby K and I
    did choose to faithfully fly ...

     On our way to our fiirst class at
     Clayworks on Main. Even though
     we never did arrive at our dvine
     destination .. the journey surely
     was, as ever, filled with joy .

     Best ... one more supernatural

     Mighty momma K


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